Robotic Process Automation

We are digital disruptors who know what it takes to infuse business processes with their own intelligence. We identify challenges, goals, and objectives and design strategic RPA solutions that are comprehensive and tailored to our client’s specific needs.

RPA Capability

Bespin Labs capabilities in RPA cover two areas most relevant for operational productivity and decision making, across business domains


Deep Learning Solutions

  • Intelligently automate high-volume, repetitive business tasks for faster turnaround and minimal error
  • Solve scalability challenges and time-critical needs
  • Implement advanced RPA algorithms and tools to ensure 100% precise automation

Intelligent Document Processing

  • Mine and extract value from the largely untapped sea of unstructured data
  • Retrieve information and classify various performance reports
  • Verify the consistency between different reports and statements
  • Analyze documents and extract meaningful data
  • Image recognition and classification algorithms for KYC, audits etc.
  • Contract analysis and document production
  • Reconcile clinical reports and physician observations
  • Reconcile financial statements and corporate expense receipts
  • Create documents faster and error-free
  • Achieve compliance and minimise risk

RPA Implementation & Governance

Devise Automation Scope

Process Definition


Lifecycle Management

Benefits RPA brings to Corporate Functions

Speed up your Business Processes

Reduce your Compliance Mistakes

Achieve Superior Quality Work

Free your Employees from Repetitive Tasks

Learn from Actionable Insights

Huge cost savings

RPA Engagement Models

RPA is a form of digital business transformation. Our RPA engagements are planned and implemented drawing parallels from the agile principles.

We have established 3 types of teams for RPA delivery which are RPA Consulting and Design, RPA Implementation and RPA Support and Maintenance.

An overarching Center of Excellence (CoE) within Bespin Labs is responsible for providing guidance, implementing best practices across all
RPA engagements.