Your Swiss Army Knife for Google G Suite administration. Patronum takes the G Suite administrator's wish-list and goes a set further, incorporating a set of killer features to transform the way Google G Suite capabilities are managed. .


Business Benefits

Complete Onboarding and Offboarding.

Provisioning and deprovisioning users within Google G Suite can be time-consuming and costly. Let Patronum fully automate all the administrator and user tasks to ensure an effective and secure process.

Google Drive Management

Patronum gives Google administrators more control over users' Google Drive files and folders. Share, Copy and even backup users Google Drive.

Organisational Chart

Search and locate users within your G Suite hierarchy. See who reports to who, with the Patronum People search feature.

Contact Sharing

Patronum is the only enterprise-ready contact sharing application for G Suite.Allow your users to share their specific contacts via labels while giving administrators enhanced visibility and management of the whole process.

Email Signature Management

Give your users a consistent and dynamic G Suite email signature. Apply email signatures based on User, Group, Department or Organisation.

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